Medicine and Health Sciences
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Strategy and focus areas



The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) at Stellenbosch University (SU), through a participatory process, develops a strategic plan every five years. The Strategic Plan: 2019 - 2024 provides a framework in which the FMHS' strategic focus areas are outlined, operationalised and measured.

The current plan builds on the solid foundation of our past achievements, while also considering a number of new developments, latest trends and the diverse challenges in healthcare and health professions education. The strategy is directly aligned with the University's Vision 2040 and the SU Strategic Framework: 2019 – 2024.

No strategy should be viewed as “cast in concrete" – our approach to planning is dynamic and ever evolving in a fast-changing and challenging environment. The strategic plan is thus a living document that is reviewed and revised at least annually. We must continually demonstrate the Faculty's agility, the resilience of our people and a mind-set that constantly promotes innovation.​



In the FMHS strategy, the SU strategic themes have been converted into six strategic focus areas. ​