Giving at the FMHS
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Giving at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


​Welcome to Stellenbosch University's (SU) Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), a place where philanthropy isn't just a choice; it's is one of the cornerstones of our transformation mission. At FMHS, we firmly believe that to push the boundaries of medical innovation, inspire the brightest minds, and provide relief to aspirant health professionals, we must rely on the kindness and generosity of individuals who share our passion. 

Your invaluable contributions empower us to unlock the f​ull potential of our students, the future healthcare heroes who will, in the course of their career, bring hope and healing to countless lives. With your support, we can provide state-of-the-art facilities, ground-breaking research opportunities, and life-changing scholarships, ensuring that our students emerge as compassionate, highly skilled healthcare professionals. 

Your support isn't just about writing a check; it's about inscribing a story of hope, resilience, and healing in the lives of countless individuals. Together, we can turn the tide and usher in a new era of healthcare excellence. 

FMHS shop windows 

The FMHS shop windows are tools which highlight fundraising priorities aligned to four strategic thematic areas, and by its use, ensures uniform engagement of FMHS fundraising priorities decided on by the Dean and supported by the Dean's Management Team (DMT). 

It consists of four quadrants which are representative of these thematic areas:

  • Student Success and Access;
  • Social Impact and Justice;
  • Research for Impact; and
  • Building our Future

As part of the FMHS' fundraising strategy, the shop window is used to determine areas a potential prospect intends to explore and ultimately donate to.  Once an area is identified, a donor cultivation process follows. 

Although various priority areas are highlighted for the front of the shop window, many other opportunities within each quadrant exist, such that, the depth of the specific quadrant can be explored further and if need be, access can be brokered to a specific department where the interest may lie. 


​Student Access and Success​

Moulding of competent, caring, and ethical health professionals

  • iTHEMBA Bursary Fund
  • Supernumeraries Fund
  • Wrap around/holistic support mechanisms​​​

Building Our Future

World Class facilities and first in Africa

  • New Tygerberg Hospital 
  • ISEM Living Lab 
  • Learning Technologies

Research for Impact

Extensive strategic international collaborations and national and local partnerships. Including multidisciplinary research partnerships that make a significant impact on societies.

  • Research Chairs 
  • BMRI collaborations
  • Next Gen Researchers

Social Impact and Justice 

Focus on equity and making a difference to the people we represent and serve.

  • Student Learning Centres 
  • Aid for students beyond the campus (food security, social support, mental health services) 
  • On Call support for students in crisis