Medicine and Health Sciences
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​​​​​​​​​​​Equality Champio​ns​

​The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to "fostering a people-centred institutional culture that advances personal development, health and wellness, diversity, inclusivity, equality and other human rights" (Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019-2024). 

Our faculty aspires to be a welcoming environment where everyone is committed to creating spaces where others feel respect and dignified at all times. 

The team of individuals who are championing this initiative is committed to facilitating and coordinating opportunities for dialogue where students and staff can share their ideas for creating supportive academic, living and social environments at the Tygerberg campus. ​

These spaces will contribute towards building the university's capacity to be a thinking environment, where the quality of attention and listening, underpinned by respect and genuine interest, is the key ingredient. ​​


"All our experiences have value. We see the world in different ways. You and I can be distinct and give each other the gift of distinctiveness without reducing or subjugating the other - we are living in relation."


The overall goal is to realise the vision of a fair, just, equitable, safe and healthy environment. This vision is consistent with the Constitution of South Africa and with the Strategic Framework of Stellenbosch University and ​FMHS. ​

The values of inclusivity, accountability, excellence, compassion, respect and equity will govern the interactions of the Equality Champions. ​