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Equality Champions

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is, as stated in its Strategic Plan 2013-2018, committed to "fostering a people-centred institutional culture that advances personal development, health and wellness, diversity, inclusivity, equality and other human rights".

Our faculty aspires to be a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity at all times.

To this end we have selected a few individuals to serve as Equality Champions (ECs). The role of these ECs is to assist in creating 'safe spaces' on campus where students and staff can talk about their concerns, and their experiences of unjust or unfair treatment, whether real or perceived.

These spaces will contribute towards building the university's capacity to be a thinking environment, where the quality of attention and listening, underpinned by respect and genuine interest, is the key ingredient.


"When the physical environment affirms our importance
we think more deeply and clearly"
(Nancy Kline, 1999: Time to Think.)


The overall goal is to realise the vision of a fair, just, equitable, safe and healthy environment. This vision is consistent with the Constitution of South Africa and with the Institutional Intent and Strategy of Stellenbosch University and the strategic plan of the FMHS. The ECs will be guided by the principles described in these documents and statements.

The values of confidentiality, neutrality, respect and accessibility will govern the interaction of the ECs with students and staff.