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The Faculty's Bursary and Loan Fund (FMHS Fund) serves as a source of emergency relief for students who are at risk of being excluded from the university due to their inability to pay outstanding fees. 

As the faculty celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, we are strongly promoting the culture of giving and sharing that already exists on our campus, and for which Tygermaties are known.

Please support our students in need and donate to our fund.

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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will be hosting the 60th Annual Academic Day on Thursday 11 August 2016, and it promises to be an exciting programme and will serve as a showcase for the latest research by under- and postgraduate students and researchers of the Tygerberg Campus.

We invite each and everyone to join us at yet another outstanding event on the calendar of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Tygerberg.   Read more ›

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences aspires to be a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity at all times.

To this end we have selected a few individuals to serve as Equality Champions (ECs). The role of these ECs is to assist in creating 'safe spaces' on campus where students and staff can talk about their concerns, and their experiences of unjust or unfair treatment, whether real or perceived.    

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