Biorepository Unit​​


Storage in the Hamilton BiOS is the ultimate investment in the integrity and long-term stability of a sample. The type of tube that samples are stored in long-term has far reaching implications related to integrity and stability of the sample. The financial investment of a researcher in participant recruitment, sample collection, processing and storage is significant. Therefore, the same investment should be made in the sample storage tube to ensure that tubes do not crack during long-term storage, that the tube materials do not leach into the sample over time, that tubes do not burst or crack when transported to collaborators via aircraft, etc.

The integrity of all samples stored in BiOS is of the utmost importance, as is preserving the integrity of the BiOS itself. For this reason, only compatible and pre-approved tube types will be stored in the BiOS. These are as follows:

  1. ​FluidX 96-Format, 0.26ml External Thread, Next-Gen Jacket, Dual-Coded Tube


  2. FluidX 96-Format, 0.5ml External Thread, Next-Gen Jacket, Tri-Coded Tube


  3. FluidX 96-Format, 1.0ml External Thread, Next-Gen Jacket, Tri-Coded Tube


 Clients of the Biorepository Unit are able to purchase these tubes at a special rate.


Why FluidX?

FluidX tubes are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 clean-room environment from high quality virgin polypropylene. These tubes are free from endotoxins, DNase/RNase, heavy metals and animal material, and have no detectable leachables or extractables.

All tubes have a unique, high-contrast, permanent, laser-etched chemical and heat resistant 2D barcode on the bottom of the tube, as well as a human readable number on the side of the tube. The 0.5ml and 1.0ml tubes are tri-coded, which means that in addition to the 2D barcode and human readable code, they also have a 1D linear barcode on the side of the tube. This tri-coded jacket feature offers a flexible solution to sample identification and scanning, allows for easy integration into your current workflow and supports sample sharing between labs and locations.

The FluidX external thread screw cap tube offers the most secure seal and has significant benefits over internal thread caps. These include:

  • Increased burst pressure for enhanced sample integrity. These tubes can withstand over 3.0 Bar Pressure before a loss of seal integrity occurs, making them a great choice if you need to transport by aircraft. They are also compliant​ with the IATA Guideline.
  • Increased working volume than internal thread counterpart
  • Prevention of cross-threading if tube is over-tightened
  • Improved robustness of automated capping and decapping processes
  • More protection from evaporation during long term storage


To ensure the security and integrity of your samples, please take note of and abide by the maximum working volumes of these tubes. These are as follows:

FluidX Tube​​ Max Working Volume (ml)


Exceeding the maximum working volume can result in an increase of internal pressure within the tube that will likely result in cracking, and subsequently a loss of your precious sample. ​