Centre for Student Administration
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​​​Centre for Student Administration

Instructional Offerings​ Office


Faculty Administrator and Head: Instructional Offerings Office

Johan Coetzer
Tel: 021 938 9204
Email: jco@sun.ac.za

  • Management of student administration with regard to the admission, registration and qualification of students.
  • The secretariat of Committees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education, Faculty Committee and Faculty Board.
  • Application of Calendar regulations, policies and procedures related to academic programmes and registered students.​



Faculty Officer 

Vanessa Joseph
Tel: 021 938 9235
Email: vbj@sun.ac.za

  • Managing the admission process of admissions to postgraduate programmes
  • Handling of enqueries regarding postgraduate programmes
  • Registration of students
  • Manage the issuing of:
    • Academic records to students and
    • Study declarations to students
  • Updating of student’s personal information on the University system.​

Faculty Officer (Stellenbosch Campus)

Zenda Jansen​
Tel: 021 808 4842
Email: zj@sun.ac.za

  • Handles the application process of admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Handling of enquiries regarding undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes offered at the Stellenbosch Campus
  • Registration of students
  • Handles the issuing of:
    • Academic records to students and
    • Study declarations to students
  • Updating of students' personal information on the University system
  • Handles the application process of RPL for exemption and CAT applications for undergraduate programmes


​Administrative Officer: Instructional ​Offerings Office

Nobukho Njemla-Klaas
Tel: 021 938 9199
Email: nnjemla@sun.ac.za 

  • Administrative support to the Faculty Administrator for the Committees of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching, Faculty Committee and Faculty Board
  • Handles the registration of newcomer first-year students at the HPCSA and SANC
  • Handles the management of the database of accredited external lecturers
  • Handles communication of decisions of Faculty Board and Senate
  • Provides assistance and advice regarding the postgraduate application support (PAS) database, postgraduate application documentation and liaison with students and staff.​​