Centre for Student Administration
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Centre for Student Administration

Instructional Offerings


Faculty Administrator and Head: Instructional Offerings

Johan Coetzer
Tel: 021 938 9204
Email: jco@sun.ac.za

  • Management of student administration with regard to the admission, registration and qualification of students.
  • The secretariat of Committees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education, Faculty Committee and Faculty Board.
  • Application of Calendar regulations, policies and procedures related to academic programmes and registered students.​



Faculty Officer 

Vanessa Joseph
Tel: 021 938 9235
Email: vbj@sun.ac.za

  • Managing the admission process of admissions to postgraduate programmes
  • Handling of enqueries regarding postgraduate programmes
  • Registration of students
  • Manage the issuing of:
    • Academic records to students and
    • Study declarations to students
  • Updating of student’s personal information on the University system.​

​Administrative Officer: Instructional ​Offerings

Nobukho Njemla-Klaas
Tel: 021 938 9199
Email: nnjemla@sun.ac.za 

  • Administrative support to the Faculty Administrator for the Committees of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching, Faculty Committee and Faculty Board
  • Handles various tasks, such as the registration of newcomer first-year students at the HPCSA, management of the database of accrediting staff, communication of decisions of Faculty Board and Senate, providing assistance and advice regarding the Database with postgraduate application information, postgraduate application documentation and liaison with students and staff.​