Welcome to Stellenbosch University

62nd Annual Academic Day – 29 August 2018


Members of the committee

Chair (Deputy-Dean: Research)                                                 

  • Prof Nico C Gey van Pittius

Deputy Chair                                                                                    

  • Dr Craig J Kinnear


  • Ms Sonja van Staden

Conference Organisers                                                                               

  • Ms Sune van Rooyen
  • Ms Christelle Snyman
  • Ms Hanri Klindt

Strategic Relations Manager                                                     

  • Ms Ronel Bester

Health Research Ethics Office                                                    

  • Dr Nicola Barsdorf

Undergraduate Research Office                                                   

  • Ms Debbie Marais

Student Representative                                                               

  • Ms Ilana van Niekerk / C Freitas

Representatives from all Departments and Type II Centres

Biomedical Sciences                                                                       

  • Dr Craig J Kinnear


  • Prof William F Ferris


Family and Emergency Medicine

  • Ms Rachel Allgaier

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Dr Linzette Morris

Global Health

  • Ms Yolande Smit  
  • Dr Kerrin Begg



  • Dr Colette Pienaar


  • Prof Dana JH Niehaus

Obstetrics and Gynaecology                                                       

  • Dr Judy Kluge
  • Dr Jennifer Butt

Centre for Health Professions Education               

  • Dr Lakshini McNamee

Paediatrics and Child Health                                                       

  • Dr Gugu Kali
  • Prof Adrie Bekker

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care                                            

  • Dr Sean Chetty

Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology                                 

  • Dr Tony Serafin

Surgical Sciences                                                                             

  • Prof Robert P Lamberts
  • Prof Ian Vlok