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Digitisation Office


The Faculty has a central Digitisation Office with the main goal of converting manual paper based processes into digital electronic solutions. This office is mainly responsible for:


  • Identify, evaluate, design, test, operationalize, and implement innovation. Measure its impact on cost-reduction, revenue-generation, institutional productivity, and faculty and staff morale.
  • Evaluate current systems, policies and processes to identify opportunities to best optimise faculty resources by eliminating redundancies and by increasing automation and system functionality.
  • Evaluate data available in financial systems as well as other administrative systems to identify and address gaps between the data available and the data desired.
  • Develop operational and analytical query tools for data analysis and reporting to strengthen operations and guide decision-making. Assess usage and effectiveness of reports and dashboards and evaluate opportunities to improve.
  • Create a community of business intelligence experts within Business Management and across the faculty who will share their expertise and best practices for developing tools and reports to increase analytical data-driven decision making.
  • Build executive dashboards and self-service mechanisms in conjunction with university structures in order to utilize accurate and timely data in both operational and strategic decision making. 

The Digitisation staff includes the following staff members:

Stefan Engelbrecht​​​

Deputy Director: Business Management

Stefan Engelbrecht

+27 21 938 9939

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Hilda Samuels​​​

Business Systems Analyst

Hilda Samuels​

+27 21 ​938 9697​

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