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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Application & Selection


• Apply for admission from 1 March. 

• Closing dates for application: 

  31 May - MB, ChB programme 

  30 June (extended date) - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy, BSc in Dietetics and BSc in Physiotherapy 

• Admittance to all our study programmes is subject to a selection process based on set minimum requirements as well as the number of students we are able to accommodate per programme. 

Read the selection guidelines for the programme of your choice here under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

• The selection of candidates is based on a selection factor. The selection factor is made up of the candidate's academic school performance (45% of the selection factor), performance in the National Benchmark Tests (30% of the selection factor) and non-academic achievements at high school (Grade 10–12) in, among others, leadership, sport, cultural activities, community service and multilingualism (25% of the selection factor). 

• Complete the Non-academic Merit Form and submit it along with your application for admission. (Since non-academic merit makes up 25% of your total selection factor, your success in the selection process is strongly influenced by your thoroughness and attention to detail when completing this form. It is therefore worth putting some effort into this!) 

• Candidates who are applying for the BSc in Dietetics and Bachelor of Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy must also have the Clinical Visitation Form of the programme for which they are applying completed, have them signed, and submit them by 31 July to the selection official (contact details on form and lower down). 

• The forms named above are available on this website under the relevant programmes, or from 021 808 9111. 

• Write the National Benchmark Tests AQL and MAT by the end of June. (Applicants for the Bachelor's in Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy write only AQL.) Register well in time so that you can write the tests by the end of June (to see the last date for writing, see here or contact 021 808 9111). Students who do not live in South Africa must make sure that the results of their National Benchmark Tests reach the University by 31 July. 

• Applicants who are selected will be informed in writing and by SMS.