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Equality Champions

​Roles and functions of ECs


Their specific roles and functions are:

  • To provide a safe space where all voices will be listened to with empathy and understanding;
  • To capture and report the evolving themes and other issues raised, anonymously, to the Dean;
  • To offer recommendations when appropriate;
  • To provide an opportunity and a space where students and staff can clarify their concerns, and consider various options to address those concerns where possible;
  • To guide members of the Tygerberg community on where they can obtain further assistance from SU.  The ECs will therefore also serve as a referral source.
  • To mediate certain disputes or resolve conflicts, wherever appropriate to do so.


The ECs will be provided with access to a supportive structure and capacity building opportunities that will further enhance their ability to be genuine, non-judgemental and aware of their own prejudices, biases and other triggers.