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Reproductive Health

​The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a leader in its field in terms of amongst others reproductive medicine, maternal and fetal medicine, urogynaecology, gynaecological oncology and reproductive health.

Its unit for reproductive medicine is known as the Tygerberg (Aevitas) In Vitro Fertilisation group. The name Aevitas means "time of life" and Aevitas is acknowledged by many as a leader in the field of modern fertility care. It was founded by Prof Thinus Kruger.

Professor Kruger's research and fertility treatment resulted in the birth of South Africa's first "test tube" (IVF) baby in 1984. This event opened a new era in reproductive medicine, not only in South Africa but also on an international front.

Initially the research focused on male infertility. This area of infertility had so many unanswered questions and the male was often overlooked. The team's biggest contribution was in the field of sperm morphology (shape), where three patterns of fertility were described. These criteria are now used worldwide and are recognised by the World Health Orga​nisation (WHO) as the international standard.


The Division of Medical Physiology, Department of Biomedical Sciences

The Division of Medical Ph​ysiology the discipline is a major source of postgraduate qualifications every year as a result of its vibrant research activities. The chief research themes are Cardiovascular Physiology, Diabetes, Reproductive Physiology and Neurophysiolog​y.​