Medicine and Health Sciences
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Vision, Mission & Values


To be the leading research-intensive health sciences faculty in and for Africa.



We lead by facilitating transformative, life-long learning; creating, sharing and translating knowledge that enhances health and health equity; and co-creating value with and for the communities we serve.



Our decisions and actions are guided by the following values, abbreviated as ICARE2:

  • inclusivity

  • compassion

  • accountability

  • respect

  • excellence

  • equity


Institutional culture

​We recognise that high performance in all aspects of our business depends on our ability to attract and retain the most talented, passionate and committed people. 

The FMHS therefore strives to build an institutional culture that welcomes, develops and supports a diversity of students and staff.  It also fosters an inclusive environment characterised by mutual respect, where everyone can learn and work free of discrimination.  Furthermore, the Faculty encourages a mind-set that favours adaptiveness and innovation as we believe these qualities are critical for addressing the complex healthcare challenges in South Africa and the rest of the world and for ensuring institutional and global sustainability. ​