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The Research Capacity Development and Funding Office (RCFO) supports research in two main areas.  The office disseminates research funding opportunities and advises researchers and postgraduate students within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences regarding the most appropriate funding opportunities for them to apply to.  The RCFO manages internal faculty-specific research funding (pre- and post-award), Subcommittee C of the Research Committee of Senate funding (pre- and post-award), as well as national funding agencies related to health research (pre- and post-award).   

Research capacity development activities include orientation of new faculty staff and postgraduate students, clinical research skills development courses, grant writing workshops and more.   Short research information sessions on selected topics of interest are also hosted by the office.  In addition, the RCFO supports the annual research output reporting process in liaison with the Division for Research Development .

The Research Capacity Development and Funding Office (RCFO), Tygerberg Campus, provides research capacity development workshops, courses and short information sessions to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) staff, clinicians, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students. The annual programme is focussed on health research and supplements the Stellenbosch University Division for Research Development (DRD) and Postgraduate Office capacity development programmes.

Capacity development workshops and information sessions are advertised on our website as well as in Impromptu, the internal faculty e-mail newsletter.   




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The RCFO administers the majority of the FMHS internal research funding, through the faculty’s Research Committee (Subcommittee C) and through other strategic funding sources. Functions include general guidance on research funding (local, national and international) and administration of pre- and post-award processes for the majority of these. In addition the RCFO manages national health-specific funding bodies on behalf of Stellenbosch University.

Current funding calls will be advertised on this website as well as in Impromptu, the internal faculty e-mail newsletter.     Read more ›

Research outputs, in the form of research articles, books, chapters in books and conference proceedings, are annually reported through a survey on the university's Research Administrator (RA) system. All the reported information is collated into the university's annual research report and qualifying outputs are submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for subsidy purposes. Training is provided annually during the research output capturing process.

The RCFO supports the DRD during this process and assists researchers in interpreting the policies relating to subsidy-bearing research outputs.


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