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HREC Forms & Instructions

 New protocol applications

» HREC Exemption application - guida​nce for researche​r​s
» HREC New protocol application - guidance for researchers​​​​
» HREC Biobank/Dat​abase application - guidance for researchers​
» HREC Case Report/Case Series application - guidance for researchers

..HREC Case ​​Report/Case Series for CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS - guidance for researchers​​

​» ​HREC New Reciprocal review applicatio​n - guidance for researchers​

» HREC Guidance: Student projects lin​ked to a larger study
​» Insurance for Research

» HREC guidance on Clinic​al Trial (CT) registration and SAHPRA approval​

» Online applications - sugge​sted study methodology options​​​

>> Committee for Post​graduate Research/Ethics Flow Diagram: Does my MSc or PhD student need a seperate HREC approval?

Active protocols

Continuing review (annual progress reports/final reports)

» Annual progress report: health research/clinical trials/database (registry​/repository​​)​ - guidance for researchers​

HREC Consultation Request

» HREC Consultation Request Form

Informed consent and assent forms

  • Participant information leaflet and consent template - General

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