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Examination of FMHS Doctoral Dissertations



15 October previous year - June
  • December graduation
1 August - September
  • March/April graduation


A PhD dissertation may be submitted for examination at any point in the year. An intention to submit form must have reached the doctoral office six months earlier. Inclusion in a particular graduation series can unfortunately not be guaranteed. A candidate can realistically be included in the relevant graduation series, assuming that the examiners were appointed six months earlier, that the dissertation is received positively by all three examiners, that the oral report is scheduled within seven weeks from submission, and that the supervisor report is submitted directly thereafter. It is preferable to submit a dissertation for examination by at least six weeks prior to the cut-off date.

(The final cut-off date for possible December graduation is 31 July; and the final cut-off date for possible March/April graduation is 14 October; or the last work day before these dates.)

  • Nominate examiners six months prior to submission. No dissertation may be submitted to examiners if they have not been recommended by the Committee for Postgraduate Research (CPR). Take note that the SU Senate may refuse to approve examiners and results at the same meeting.​
  • Dissertations may be formatted according to the following guidelines:
    1. Guidelines for the document formatting of an SU doctoral dissertation​​
    2. Format of an FMHS dissertation

    1. Avoid uploading your articles or dissertation to the Turnitin repositoriy
    2. You may exclude matches smaller than three words or 1%
    3. Should your own published articles be included in an online repository,
      you may exclude these from the report
    4. Aim for a Turnitin similarity score of no higher than 15%​​