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​PhD Proposal Review

Each PhD student in the FMHS is required to present the PhD research proposal / protocol to a review panel, and afterwards, to make all the changes required by the panel in order to finalise the proposal for compulsory submission to an SU Research Ethics Committee.

  • The student refers to FMHS Doctoral Proposal Writing Guide and works closely with the supervisor/s to complete a well-supported and polished research protocol​, ideally within five to six months;
  • Consult the Biostatistics Unit / Animal Research Facility, if relevant;
  • When ready for review, main internal supervisor completes their sections of the Form A3 review checklist; and attaches CVs of the student and any proposed external supervisors and/or review panel members, together with any pre-existing ethics approval/s;
  • Divisional head to approve the panel and draft Form A3 before review date is set and review chair distributes documents to the approved panel with 2 weeks' notice.
After successful completion of the review, the main, internal supervisor emails the following five PDF-format documents to the Tygerberg Doctoral Office ( in a single email, copying the candidate:​
    1. Supervisor confirmation that all review requirements were met​
    2. Fully completed and signed Form A3 review checklist
    3. Summary report by review chair or all reviewer reports​
    4. Final, edited proposal for ethics submission​
    5. Turnitin report on the final proposal​​​​ (similarity score of no more than 15%)