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​Tygerberg Doctor​al Office​

PhD Support Office - PhD Application Process


• Provide the following documents to Doctoral Office:
• Your CV
• Recently certified qualification documents and transcripts (within the last three months)
• A short research proposal (approximately 1 -5 pages)
• Certified copy of Passport (if international student)





• Documents for International Students will be sent to the Office
• Documents will be submitted to the Head of Department/ Division/ Centre who will contact you directly to inform whether they can accommodate you.




• Send confirmation of HOD to the Doctoral Office including the registration
option (Option A or Option B) that will be followed.
• Click on Option A or Opti​on B or  Upgrade from Ma​ster's to PhD or obtain documents from the Doctoral Office.
• You are required to complete the documentation in consultation with your
proposed supervisor as nominated by the Head of the Department/ Division/





• A Review Panel consisting of experts is appointed for every doctoral
application. This Panel assists the student to enhance the quality of the
proposal before submission to the Faculty’s Committee for Postgraduate
Research. The Panel report as well as all application documents need to be
submitted to the Doctoral Office once the process has been finalized.



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