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Committee for Postgraduate Research

Official name: The FMHS Committee for Postgraduate Research (CPR)

Task/purpose and type: The Committee for Postgraduate Research meets quarterly to consider all matters related to research degrees and postgraduate research on behalf of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) of Stellenbosch University, for eventual approval by the SU Senate, the highest academic body of the university.

Forthcoming meeting dates and agenda cut-off dates of the CPR are as follows:

C​PR dates and deadlines, 2024

Agenda c​loses at twelve noon / 12:00

CPR Meeting (Hybrid) at 2pm / 14:00

Tuesday, ​16 January 2024
Thursday, 25 Jan​uary 2024
Monday, ​25 March 2024
Thursday, 4 April 2024
Monday, ​10 June 2024
Thursday, 20 June 2024
Tuesday, 1 October 2024
Thursday, 10 October 2024

These dates are also published in the FMHS almanac along with other core dates and deadlines.

  • (Meeting attendance is preferred in person, but remote attendance is also acceptable. Attendance by a transcription tool such as Otter AI is not accommodated, since members are expected to represent their departments by participating actively in deliberations and answering ad hoc questions; since the meeting is confidential with attendance limited to members; and since an official report is presented to the Faculty Board for approval.)

  • Please send apologies to by one week before the meeting.


The Committee for Postgraduate Research (CPR) considers all research-degree-related matters on behalf of the FMHS. This includes policy and regulations pertaining to research and postgraduate studies, new research degrees for inclusion in the SU Calendar, admission to doctoral research, interruption of studies, supervisors and examiner nominations for research degrees, and the recommendation of postgraduate research degree results.

Membership of the CPR comes with the obligation to

  • participate in the confidential, quarterly meetings of the committee;
  • keep the member's academic department informed of relevant decisions; and to 
  • serve on PhD proposal / protocol review committees.

The Tygerberg Doctoral Office allocates CPR representatives to the protocol review panels of about six students per intake year, though it is up to the committee chair to select a mutually suitable date and make other arrangements. The main task of a CPR representative on a doctoral review panel is to ensure that the committee was correctly constituted by the chair, that the standard proposal / protocol review process is followed, that all the necessary panel members (have adequate opportunity to) participate, and that the Form A3 is duly and comprehensively completed (all fields being required). When a CPR representative is equipped to do so, they may also provide a full review report based on domain expertise. The role of CPR representative and of panel chairperson can overlap with that of domain expert, but the role of chair cannot overlap with that of CPR representative. The primary rationale for the central allocation of reviews is to promote an even work division among CPR members with respect to panel reviews. Review panel work should be facilitated effectively, so that students are not delayed.

Note: Please send all submissions to sooner rather than later, as final SU cut-off dates lead tightly into bi-annual graduation cut-off dates as determined by the SU Senate.​​​