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​Committee for Postgraduate Research

Official name: The FMHS Committee for Postgraduate Research (CPR)

Task/purpose and type: The Committee for Postgraduate Research meets quarterly to consider research-related matters on behalf of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) of Stellenbosch University, for eventual approval by the SU Senate, the highest academic body of the university.

The 2022 meeting dates and agenda cut-off dates of the CPR are as follows:

​C​PR 2022 Meetin​​g​s

Agenda c​loses at twelve noon / 12:00

CPR Meeting via Teams Thursdays at 2pm / 14:00

12 Jan 27 January
7 March
17 March
27 May 9 June
26 Sept 6 O​c​tober

These dates also appear on the FMHS almanac along with other critical dates and deadlines. 

Constitution of the committee: CPR representation is determined by the postgraduate research productivity of each academic department.

Any member of a department as nominated by the HoD may serve on the CPR. Kindly email any changes with regard to representation on the CPR directly to Dr Groenewald at, copying Prof Gey van Pittius at

Term of membership: Ordinary membership lasts until a departmental representative resigns, retires, or is replaced by the relevant HoD.

Composition: The Vice Dean: Research and Internationalisation, Prof NC Gey van Pittius, is Chairperson of the FMHS CPR. The head of the FMHS Doctoral Office, Dr HL Groenewald,  is Secretary of the committee. Ex officio membership is also awarded to the FMHS dean, the vice dean: learning and teaching, the chairperson of the Tygerberg Postgraduate Student Representative Council, the deputy registrar, and the head of the HREC. Click here​ for a current list of CPR members.


The Committee for Postgraduate Research (CPR) considers research-related matters on behalf of the FMHS. This includes calendar policy and regulations pertaining to research and postgraduate studies, new research degrees for inclusion in the Calendar, admission to doctoral research, supervisors and examiners for research degrees, and the recommendation of postgraduate research degree results.

Membership of the CPR comes with the obligation to serve on PhD proposal / protocol review committees, as allocated by the head of the Tygerberg Doctoral Office. For this purpose, a draft Form A3 review checklist is requested.

The approval of a PhD research project is placed on the agenda by the Secretary after the successful review process and once the clearance letter from the relevant Ethics committee, bearing the name of the candidate, has been submitted to the Tygerberg Doctoral Office. All candidates must apply for ethics clearance within six months from entry into the programme. 

Note: acceptance of a student's project and title cannot be processed at the CPR if a candidate has entered the programme without formal online acceptance to study at Stellenbosch University. Initial application and selection into the PhD programme occurs online, via the SunStudent student information system.

The nomination of examiners for research masters and doctoral degrees, is placed on the agenda via departmental postgraduate committee reports. Departmental reports in S​enate format​ are submitted to Ms Megan Jantjies by email to, and copied to​. No research masters thesis or doctoral dissertation may be sent for examination before the approval of examiners by the CPR. Examiners should be nominated six months before students submit their work for examination.

The approval of PhD results is placed on the agenda once the final supervisor report, final dissertation, and list of corrections have reached the Tygerberg Doctoral Office following the oral examination held at the end of the examination process. Supervisor reports may be prepared in advance of the oral, so that only edits necessitated by the oral remain. The final supervisor report, final dissertation and notice of corrections, all in PDF format, may be attached to an email to (this address only) directly after the oral presentation.

Note: Please send all submissions sooner rather than later, as the final SU cut-off dates lead tightly into bi-annual graduation cut-off dates and other deadlines as determined by the SU Senate.​​​

New PhD programmes and other yearbook entries or edits are placed on the agenda via departmental postgraduate committee reports. Please note the turnaround time from CPR submission to yearbook inclusion is more than a year, as a result of the different levels of scrutinisation and approval. As the yearbook is published once per annum, earlier submission will not expedite the process. Yearbook items may be submitted in October or November for inclusion in the agenda of a January meeting of the CPR, leading to a yearbook entry in the following academic year. 

New matters for discussion may be brought to the attention of Dr Liela Groenewald by email to