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Research Development and Support


Researchers and students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University are invited and encouraged to make use of the research development and support mechanisms on offer by the Research Development and Support Division. The division consists of five focused offices: 

Dr Jyothi Chabilall manages the Doctoral Office. This office addresses the strategic, administrative and logistical components of the complete doctoral process (from recruitment to graduation). This office also looks after all research master's students in the Faculty, being the main conduit into doctoral studies.

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Mr Eugene Baugaard manages the Research Grants Management Office. This office serves as an interface among investigators, Faculty administration, and funding agencies or external sponsors, providing assistance to faculty in identification of funding, submission of proposals, and financial award management.    Read more ›

Dr Nicola Barsdorf manages the Health Research Ethics Office. The purpose of this office is to support Stellenbosch University researchers towards compliance in the protection of human participant safety, rights, and welfare in health research.


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Dr Tania Brodovcky manages the Research Capacity Development and Funding Office. This function supports and develops activities around research capacity development of staff and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and disseminates health research funding opportunities. Read more ›

Dr​ Debbie Marais manages the Undergraduate Research Office. The purpose of this office is to support undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who are undertaking research, through building research capacity, facilitating ethics review and mobilising funding.

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