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The changing landscape of highe​r education makes effective research development and support a critical success factor in research-intensive higher education institutions. The Division for Research Development (DRD) is tasked with the advancement, facilitation and support of research at Stellenbosch University (SU).​​

Our support directly contributes to SU's four institutional goals as described in the institutional plan, in that it strengthens and grows the institutional knowledge base; ensures sustainability (in particular financial); promotes academic staff and postgraduate student success; and promotes diversity through research capacity development and support.

This website will direct you to information on our areas of support, but will also provide you with institutional research-related information.​​

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The Stellenbosch University Council approved the following position statement on 28 November 2022 regarding tobacco:

"Stellenbosch University henceforth declines any engagement with the tobacco industry or entities furthering the interests of the tobacco industry (this includes declining to receive financial support channelled from the tobacco industry)."

For enquiries, please contact Therina Theron or Cornelia Malherbe.