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Stellenbosch University (SU) believes in the importance of research, development and innovation in developing human capital for a growing knowledge economy. We take pride in our highly talented and dedicated academic researchers, who are constantly challenging and pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. Their future-oriented, innovative ideas are breaking ground to build healthy, strong and sustainable communities.

The different divisions under the Vice-Rector: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies (Research Development, Library and Information Service, Information Technology) support the research enterprise of the University by streamlining processes and by providing effective development and support opportunities to SU researchers. Furthermore products and services are developed that can bring about economic and/or social improvement in the country. The University's knowledge base is strengthened by the expansion of existing and the creation of new multi-disciplinary research entities, while the establishment of strategic research partnerships help the SU to be financially sustainable. A valuable contribution is also made towards the realisation of SU's transformation and diversity goals through the development of a new generation of academics, a growth in the number of postgraduate students from all South African race groups and an increase in the number of international students that come to study at the SU.​

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