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​Research Outputs & Accreditation


A survey is done annually by the department/centre/institution to record the research output publications of the previous output year for subsidy by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as well as for the inclusion in the annual research report of the university. In every department/centre/institution is a dedicated person who captures the research output publications on an electronic system, the Research Administrator (RA) system and hands in the supporting documents to the Research Office.  The closing date for submission is the first Monday of February every year.

The DHET subsidizes research outputs in the following categories: 

  • Journal articles (research articles) in accredited journals
  • Peer reviewed books/Chapters in books 
  • Peer reviewed published conference proceedings

Please see the DHET’s policy, here for further details.

General enquiries about research outputs
Daléne Pieterse
Telephone: 021 808 3557
RW Wilcocks Building, 
Room 2048
Use of Research Administration (RA) (Stellenbosch Campus)
149018470019475.pngFelicia Mc Donald
Telephone: 021 808 2581
RW Wilcocks Building, 
Room 2048
Use of Research administration (RA)
(Tygerberg Campus)
Nicole Walker
Telephone: 021 808 2581
Room 5009 A, Education Building
Please note that Nicole is at Tygerberg Campus
on Mondays only and that you need to make an appointment if you need training!