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​Animal Care and Use

​Scope/ Function

All animal research and teaching conducted under the auspices of SU should uphold the "Three R" principles for humane animal research, namely:

  • Replacement of so-called “sentient” animals wherever possible, with “non-sentient” research models or systems in order to eliminate the use of animals that can experience unpleasant sensations.
  • Reduction of the numbers of animals in experiments by design strategies that facilitate use of the smallest number that will allow valid information to be obtained from the study.
  • Refinement of animal sourcing, animal care practices and experimental procedures to eliminate physical and psychological distress within limitations imposed by the objectives of the research.
Do I need ethics clearance for my study?
Ethics clearance must be obtained for the use of  all live non-human vertebrates and higher invertebrates such as the advanced members from the Cephalopoda and Decapoda, including eggs, fetuses and embryos ( where development of an integrated nervous system is evident) in research and teaching activities (SANS 10386:2008).

Important Dates
Agenda Closing dateMeeting dates
​17 January 201707 February 2017
​21 February 201714 March 2017
​11 April 201702 May 2017
​23 May 201713 June 2017
​04 July 201725 July 2017
​15 August 2017​05 September 2017
​26 September 2017​17 October 2017
​07 November 2017​28 November 2017



Winston Beukes
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Please download the How to Apply for Animal Ethics Clearance file and follow the instructions. If you have login difficulty please contact Winston Beukes for assisstance.