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Prof Daan Nel




E-mail: dgnel@sun.ac.za​

Phone: 021-8083240


Obtained D.Sc. at the University of the Free State in 1972.


Present Research Interests

Multivariate heteroscedasticity, singular spectrum analysis of time series.



Publications in Journals

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 A comparison of some methods for the selection of a common eigenvector model for the covariance matrices of two groups. P.T. Pepler, D.W. Uys , D.G Nel. Communications in Statistics- Simulation and Computation. (2014):  DOI 10.1080/03610918.2014.932801,(Accepted paper published on line October 30, 2014)


Visiting appointments or Scholarships

  • University of Georgia          :September 1973 - March 1974 and January - July 1979.
  • Stanford University              :June - August 1984 and June - August 1995.
  • Indiana University:               June - August 1992 and January – June 1997.
  • Scuola Matematica Interuniversitaria at Perugia, Italy: 23 July -  28 August 1999.


Societies and Committees

  • Fellow of the South African Statistical Association.(SASA)
  • President of the SASA (1982).
  • Member of the working committee on the South African Statistical Dictionary (1984).
  • Associate editor of the South-African Statistical Journal (1982-1984), (1991- 1999).