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Undergraduate Research Fund

The Undergraduate Research Fund is a fund in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, dedicated to supporting undergraduate research in the Faculty. The Fund is administered through the Undergraduate Research Office and comprises four sub-funds: 

  1. Undergraduate and Honours Research Project Fund: for research-related costs involved in conducting undergraduate and honours research projects.

  2. Undergraduate Conferen​ce​ Presentation Fund: for undergraduate students to present their research at national or international conferences.

  3. Undergraduate Publicatio​​n Incentive Fund: to incentivise the publication of undergraduate research in accredited, peer-review​ed journals.
  4.  ​Undergraduate Open Access Fund to facilitation publication of undergraduate research in open      
       access, DHET-accredited journals. 

The deadlines for submission of applications to the Undergraduate and Honours Research Project Fund are on 1 April and 1 November each year. The deadlines for submission of applications to the Undergraduate Conference Presentation Fund ​are on 1 May an1 October each year. Applications to the Undergraduate Publication Incentive Fund can be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be reviewed in May each year. Applications to the Undergraduate Open Access Fund can be submitted at any time throughout the year; a maxiumum of 10 applications can be accepted annually. 

Further information, fund rules, and application forms for the Research Project Fund can be found here​Further information, fund rules, and application forms can be found here​ for the Conference Presentation Fund and here for the Publication Incentive Fund.