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Research and Internationalisation Development and Support (RIDS)

​About the Undergraduate Research Office

​The primary purpose of the Undergraduate Research Office is to support all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who undertake research, either as a compulsory or an elective component of their degrees. The Undergraduate Research Office aims to be a one-stop shop of services and resources for undergraduate students as they navigate through the research process.

At the Undergraduate Research Office, our goal is to​ equip students to become good researchers. From developing a protocol to applying for ethics and securing funding for your research, you will find all the information and support you need at the Undergraduate Research Office. And because we want you to become famous, we also provide resources to encourage you to present and publish the findings of your research.

The mission of the Undergraduate Research Office is to increase undergraduate research outputs through 1) coordinated research capacity building and support; 2) facilitation of ethics review of undergraduate applications; and 3) making funding available for research-related costs, as well as for opportunities to publish papers and present findings at conferences. This office also liaises with Faculty staff and management and with student leadership bodies to ensure that research-related policies, activities and resources are aligned with curricula requirements and with student needs. 

We are all doing a form of research in our daily lives when we look at things and question how or why they came to be. Conducting a research study requires us to develop a specific set of skills, from formulating a research question to developing a protocol, from collecting and analysing data to writing up the results. Whether you are wondering where or how to begin, or looking to publish your findings, you should find the help you need at Undergraduate Research Office.  Read more ›

From printing questionnaires to developing new drugs, there are costs involved in doing research. Funding for research at university level has typically been targeted at staff and postgraduate students. The Undergraduate Research Office is committed to identifying and providing funding for undergraduate and honours  students who undertake research, whether through issuing calls for direct funding applications or identifying external funding opportunities.    Read more ›

The first step in doing ethical research is applying for ethics approval from the Undergraduate Research Ethics Committee (UREC). The Undergraduate Research Office assists students to navigate this process, by providing informational materials and one-on-one consultations. Guidance and support is also available beyond the ethics application, to advise on ethical issues encountered during the conduct of research.   

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