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​Research and Internationalisation Development and Support (RIDS)

About the Research Grants Management Office

The Research Grants Management Office is a professional support office to assist Principal Investigators and researchers in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences with the acquisition and management of (mostly) international research grants. The Grants Management Office serves as an interface between researchers, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences administration, and funding agencies or external sponsors, providing assistance to faculty in the identification of funding opportunities, submission of proposals and applications, and financial award management. 

The Grants Management Office has a dedicated pre-award person who assists researchers with the technical aspects of applications submissions (mainly NIH applications). A weekly newsletter of all NIH calls for applications and available funding is also composed and distributed.

The Grants Management Office provides the following services during the pre-award application phase:

  • Compile the budget with the researcher.
  • Provide advice on the budget and other technical issues during submission.
  • Assist with preparation and submission of research protocols.
  • Complete the application form in certain instances.
    Contract negotiation and finalisation.
  • Set timelines for the timely submission of the application.

For more information please contact Dr Christa de Vries.


The Grants Management Office provides the following services during the post-award application phase:

  • Overall financial compliance control of project.
  • Compilation of monthly financial management reports for the Principal Investigator.
  • Compilation of financial reports to be submitted to the sponsor in terms of the contract.
  • Assist Principal Investigator with compliance requirements (e.g. reporting, cost principles of the funder, auditing etc.).
  • Advise and support principal investigators with regards to the sponsor’s audit requirements.

For information please contact one of the project management accountants.