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​PhD Fees

Fees for the current academic year are included in Part 3 of the SU Calendar.
Prospective SU students may also request a non-binding estimate from this link.
Students registered for a doctoral preparatory phase will benefit from significantly lower fees for the first year of work toward the doctorate, though the amount increases if ethics approval is not attained during this year.
Please note: Student fees are set for one academic year, and fee structures are subject to change without notice.​

All fees must be settled before registration for a particular academic year can occur.

Students receive regular electronic accounts at their student email address or address registered on the relevant SU student information system. Doctoral students in the FMHS may also request the outstanding balance on their student account from Ms Lesanne Matthee (lm@sun.a​ International students may request a statement for the purpose of lifting the international block from Tygerberg International ( or Payment must be made well in time to allow sufficient opportunity for registration before the final cut-off date of 31 January for each consecutive academic year; and 31 March when registering for the first time.

Formal written proof that an NRF or institutional bursary is due to be paid to your student account upon registration, may in certain cases assist with the lifting of the financial block to facilitate registration. ​

PhD Funding

Various bursaries are available to PhD candidates on a competitive basis. South-African PhD candidates can apply for all available bursaries. International PhD candidates can only apply for the Harry Crossley, NRF and the SU Postgraduate Scholarship Programme. These opportunities usually have application closing dates during the course of the second semester with a view to first registration in January. There are also Private bursaries available. The closing date for these are usually the first Friday in December each year. 

  • Numerous calls for funding applications are published at this link throughout the year, but concentrated in July to October with a view to support in the following academic year. Also consider making use of the opportunities for funding support.

  • Please have a look at the current bursaries and loans calendar at this link.​

  • The official link from where students may apply for funding/bursaries is here.

Each of these bursaries on the website have specific conditions which may change from year to year. Should you want to pursue a specific opportunity, it may be best to enquire directly to Mr Jongi Ndlebe at

Alongside the scholarships that privilege medicine and health sciences studies, certain funding opportunities have been under-utilised in the faculty. Candidates have disqualified themselves by failing to apply. PhD students with research topics that are inter- or multidisciplinary and include elements of social sciences are encouraged to consider and apply for those funding opportunities that are not restricted to health sciences.

For instance, The National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and HB & MJ Thom Scholarship programme are often overlooked funding opportunities, that are open to South African citizens.

The Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa call is open to citizens of any sub-Saharan African country doing PhD at an accredited university in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. These scholarships support studies focused on three thematic areas: Peace, Security, and Development. Health sciences project can be linked to these themes with adequate motivation of the project’s relevance and in particular to development in Africa.

To qualify for calls such as these, pay attention to the call and identify ways to demonstrate the potential social impact of a doctoral study. Social issues are diverse with health components included, it takes a holistic approach when applying or answering calls under social sciences.

It is always important to prepare adequately for the application process and attend to the specific requirements of each particular funding opportunity.


With regard to Intellimali disbursements, please see this link.