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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stude​​nt Support Services

Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD)

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development offers free and confidential support services to students at Tygerberg Campus.

​Location of the new CSCD Tygerberg offices:
If you are standing in front of the main entrance of the Education Building, turn left to the side entrance for the disabled. The CSCD offices (nr 0073) are on the right before you get to the glass doors for the disabled.​

The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services (UPSS) 

Psychologists assist their clients to address psychological, emotional and relational problems as well as facilitate personal development. Two fulltime clinical psychologists along with a part-time counselling psychologist and a social worker are based on Tygerberg campus. Our services are well utilised and there is often a waiting list for individual psychotherapy. Consultant psychologists are contracted in to render additional services to assist in managing the waiting list.

Students can call the CSCD at (021) 927 7020, email or report to reception to make an appointment with a psychologist. 

Individual psychotherapy 

The focus of therapy can include problems like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma or grief. The UPSS offers short-term therapy. If students need to be absent from academic responsibilities to enable them to make use of the service, arrangements can be made with the faculty. 

Group interventions 

Group interventions are facilitated, including Breathing Space (relaxation exercises group); Connect (group therapy); Depression and Anxiety (skills group) as well as debriefing and wellness reflection group sessions. Enquiries about group interventions can be sent to  

ER24 emergency service

ER24 renders a free after hour emergency service for emotional or medical emergencies to all registered Stellenbosch University students. Students that experience emotional crisis after hours (between 16h00 and 8h00) can call 010 205 3032, identify themselves as a Stellenbosch University student and request a trauma counsellor. Telephonic counselling, as well as face to face counselling is available to Tygerberg campus students. Students who need medical assistance will be stabilised on the scene free of charge. If they need to be transported to a hospital, a fee will be incurred that is for the student's own bill.

Students who feel that they are in crisis can request an urgent appointment at reception during working hours. They will subsequently be screened by a psychologist or counsellor to determine what type of assistance is required.

Food Security Support to Students

Food insecurity is a problem that continues to be a reality for students across the South African universities especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. To address the issue of food insecurity at Stellenbosch University, the CDCD's social workers manage the food security programme.

Who qualifies for food security support?

  • Students who do not have funding
  • Students who are partially funded and whose funding does not make any provisions for food

The process for requesting and receiving food security support:

  • Send an email to
  • The social worker will conduct an assessment to determine the financial neediness of the student

As soon as the assessment process is concluded, a student is informed of the kind of assistance they are offered.


Unit for Academic Counselling and Development (UACD) 

Individual and group sessions that support students with academic difficulties are offered. This includes career counselling, focus on effective study methods, how to use time more productively as well as stress management. Students can call the CSCD at (021) 927​ 7020, email or report to reception to make an appointment with an educational psychologist. 

Unit for Graduand Career Services (UGCS)

The unit offers a range of interventions intended to prepare students for the job-seeking process and the transition to the world of work. Career work sessions are offered on request on the following topics: CV Writing Skills, Interview Skills, Cover Letters, Personal Branding / LinkedIn Profile and Job-Seeking Methods. To find out more the Unit can be contacted at (021) 808 3568 or email

Disability Unit (DU)

The Unit offers various services to students with disabilities or special learning needs, including the development of accessible texts and innovative academic support. This unit also manages requests for test and exam concessions – see application forms on under Tests and Exams or contact

For more information on the CSCD services, visit