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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Support Services​​​​


Khairoonisa Foflonker

Manager: Student Affairs

Ms Khairoonisa Foflonker

The office of the Manager of Student Affairs is a safe space and central referral point for a variety of support services at the Tygerberg campus. This office is primarily responsible for the provision of strategic direction and coordination of a variety of support and development functions related to student affairs, such as residence and community support functions, psycho-social support, and student development functions.

Ms Khairoonisa Foflonker is the manager of Student Affairs at the Tygerberg Campus. Her office is safe space for students to raise concerns about themselves, fellow students, or staff when the nature of the incident is personally sensitive, they fear discrimination or harassment, or wish to draw attention to a dimension of the system of support that is not working effectively. The office engages students in problem solving in a manner that is empowering, and with a view to improving institutional structures and processes.​

Kofi-Anan Mkumla

Administrative Officer: Student Affairs

Ms Kofi-Anan Mkumla

The Administrative Officer’s primary role is to support the office of the Manager: Student Affairs at the Tygerberg Campus.​