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Student Resources

A useful resource for students doing undergraduate research projects http://www.sun.ac.za/english/faculty/healthsciences/rdsd/Pages/Undergraduate_research/Home0505-2319.aspx

​Stats Reporting Guidance

The SAMPL guidelines for statistical reporting are a useful succinct tool for authors of biomedical research papers, journal editors and peer reviewers.http://www.equator-network.org/2013/02/11/sampl-guidelines-for-statistical-reporting/

Understanding sa​​mple size



Videos on meta-analysis


This website has links to free videos on meta-analysis available on the web.


Cochrane Training online learning modules


This website has online learning modules on conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis. Accessibility to the content is limited to Cochrane authors with a registered title.


Online effect size calculator tool


This is a web-based effect-size calculator, designed to facilitate the computation of effect-sizes for meta-analysis. This calculator is a companion to the 2001 book by Mark W. Lipsey and David B. Wilson, Practical Meta-analysis, published by Sage.

SEMINAR: Shifting the focus towards education and away from statistical significance: revisiting the debate on whether it is time to get rid of statistical significance in pursuit of science

Presenter: Lehana Thabane, PhD
Professor, McMaster University
Vice-President Research, St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Professor Extraordinaire, Stellenbosch university​

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