Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

PhD in Epidemiology – 2020 registered students​

Student: Tolulope Balogun (16367227)
Research Title: HIV Counselling and testing among adolescents and youth in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Hassan Mahomed and Co-supervisor, Prof Lehana Thabane

Student: Trust Chibawara (15347419)
Research Title: Model-Based Inference of the Impact of Early Access to Antiretroviral Therapy for All on HIV Incidence
Supervisors: Prof Wim Delva and Co-supervisor, Prof Jean Nachega

Student: Claire Davies (13666371)
Research Title: Association between cumulative viral load and insulin resistance in perinatally-infected children HIV positive on ART
Supervisor: Prof Steve Innes and Co-supervisor, Prof Birhanu Ayele

Student: Tonya Esterhuizen (21514526)
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: Prof Taryn Young

Student: Franco Gericke (18172717
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof Jason Bantjes and Co-supervisor, Prof Ronny Bruffaerts

Student: Nonbulelo Gidigidi (19509995)
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: Prof Peter Nyasulu

Student: Ameer Hohlfeld  (22234489)
Research Title: Publication bias in randomised trials conducted in sub-Saharan Africa
Supervisor: Dr Tamara Kredo

Student: Marcel Kitenge  (19363982)
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: TBA

Student: Laurette Mhlanga (21484503)
Research Title: Optimisation and benchmarking of analytical approaches to estimation of population level HIV incidence from survey data
Supervisor: Prof Alex Welte and Co-supervisor, Dr Eduard Grebe

Student: Jean-Paul Milambo (18715567)
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: Prof Peter Nyasulu

Student: Neema Mosha (22063560)
Research Title: The impact of missing data on estimating HIV/AIDS prevalence, incidence and causal effects in demographic sentinel surveillance.
Supervisor: Prof Rhoderick Machekano and Co-supervisors, Prof Taryn Young and Prof Jim Todd

Student: Nkengafac Villyen Motaze (17205808)
Research Title: Burden of congenital rubella syndrome and potential impact of rubella vaccine introduction in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Charles Wiysonge, Dr Melinda Suchard and Assoc. Prof C Jessica Metcalf

Student: Lactatia Motsuku (22429611)
Research Title: Liver cancer and Hepatitis B virus in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Julliet Pulliam and Co-supervisor, Dr Mazvita Muchengeti

Student: David Niyukuri (19341172)
Research Title: Combining sexual behavioural survey data, phylodynamics and agent-based simulation models towards a unified framework for HIV prevention research.
Supervisor: Prof Wim Delva and Co-supervisor, Dr Hassan Mahomed

Student: Caroline Osoro (25665073)
Research Title: Strengthening evidence to policy pathways to improve management of Malaria in pregnancy in Kenya.
Supervisor: Prof Taryn Young

​Student: Mosima Pheeba (22468714)
Research Title: Emergence of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella Pneumoniae causing Multi-Drug Resistant Urinary tract infections at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, Pretoria
Supervisor: Prof Peter Nyasulu

​Student: Idelphonse A. Sode (23485841)
Research Title: Estimation and operational characteristics of the restricted mean survival time using nonparametric and semiparametric Bayesian models
Supervisor: Dr Carl lombard and Co-supervisor, Dr C Faes

​Student: Riaan Van Tonder (13139614)
Research Title: TBA
Supervisor: TBA

2020 Graduates
​Student: Geoffrey Fatti  (21514526)
Research Title:An evaluation of the effectiveness of task-shifting health system approaches, including community-based and pharmaceutical care models, for HIV treastments and prevention programs in South Africa.
Supervisor: Prof Usuf Chikte and Co=supervisor, Prof Jean Nachega