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Find a Research Project / Research Supervisor

There are many different ways people come up with ideas about what they would like to do research on. It may be something you observe during your clinical practice - a problem that needs solving or a phenomenon that you would like to explore. It may be through talking to faculty members who work in a field you are interested in. Or it could be an idea that comes through reading other research that has been published.​

For undergraduate students, the first experience of doing research will always be under the supervision of a more experienced supervisor - typically, a staff member at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. So this is usually a good place to start - find out about existing staff research projects that are happening in the Faculty and approach members of staff who are doing research in something that interests you. Some FMHS staff members are particularly enthusiastic about supporting and supervising undergraduate student researchers - see below for our list of undergraduate research champions. 

This list is a work in progress and will continue to grow as we become aware of Faculty members with a particular interest in or availability for supervising undergraduate research. NB: this is not a comprehensive list of all the staff who are already supervising or willing to supervise student research. Students are encouraged to approach any Faculty membe​r with whom they would like to explore potential research ideas. ​​​​

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