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PhD Supervision

A productive and positive supervision relationship is the bedrock of a successful doctoral journey. Supervisors and students are encouraged to enter into conversation at the outset. The respective responsibilities of supervisors and students are outlined in detail in the FMHS Doctoral Guidelines (see adjacent quick link).

The best way for a doctoral student to drive the doctoral research process, is to submit written work to the supervisor/s on a regular basis or on set timelines.

Every doctoral candidate must have at least one internal, SU supervisor. An external main supervisor is allowed as long as there is formally an internal SU co-supervisor who participates actively in the doctoral journey and assures that the candidate works to SU and FMHS deadlines.

A PhD supervisor should hold a doctoral degree. Detailed information about eligibility for PhD supervision is available in this document.

All new doctoral supervisors in the FMHS are required to attend formal supervision training. The available options include the following: