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Examination of Masters by Theses (100% Research only)

  • Applications close end of September
  • Consult the SU Calendar and/or FMHS Calendar
  • Apply online at
  • Academic environments conduct their own selection
  • Upon selection, academic environments nominate suitable supervisors for each student
  • A supervisor is the main contact of a master's student


  • ​Only students who have successfully completed the formal application process can be registered
  • Takes place via
  • Registration period: 2 January to 31 March
  • Second semester (with permission): 1 June to 31 July
  • Upon registration, students and supervisors must sign a Memorandum of Understanding



Exam.png    The main, internal supervisor sends a single email to
, with the following PDF attachments:
  • Signed thesis release form;
  • Approved thesis; and
  • Turnitin report indicating a similarity score of 15% or less (file compressed as necessary).
  • If your environment has an approved marking rubric for a masters by thesis programme, attach this as well.

  • ​​Final mark for research masters is based on thesis and oral
  • After the oral, supervisors and students must collaborate to submit all theses to SunScholar via the Dissertation nomination system (from
  • Supervisor reports are submitted to for approval any time before, or by
    • 7 November for possible December graduation
    •  17 February for possible March/April graduation
  • After approval of the reports and results, academic environments must upload marks prior to the SU/FMHS deadline, as indicated in the Almanac.

Note: The Tygerberg Doctoral Office is not generally involved with structured master's degrees.
Guidelines for structured master's studies may be accessed on the FMHS CAA policy web page.