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Undergraduate Publication Incentive Award


What is it?

A financial award made to primary supervisors who are listed as co-authors on publications in accredited, peer-reviewed journals with co-author undergraduate students, whose research they have supervised as part of the students' registered degrees in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS).


What is the amount awarded?

Awards of R10,000 per qualifying publication will be made to primary supervisors who are co-authors on undergraduate publications. This award is to be directed toward undergraduate research within the relevant division or department.   


Who is eligible?

FMHS personnel who are both a co-author on a DHET-accredited, peer reviewed publication AND primary supervisor of an undergraduate student, the latter being listed as a co-author of the accredited published paper which resulted from an undergraduate research project.   


How do I apply?

  • Complete the latest version of the application form (UPI-08-2015).
  • Attach the required supporting documents (ethics approval letter, proof of acceptance of paper, published version of paper).
  • Submit one hard copy and one electronic copy to Debbie Marais (debbiem@sun.ac.za) at the Undergraduate Research Office in the Research Development & Support Division, Tygerberg.

How are awards made?

Only typed, complete applications, using the most recent application form, will be considered. Awards will be made:

  • according to the fund rules and guidelines,
  • based on available budget.


What is the application deadline?

Please note that there will now only be two calls for applications annually. The first call for applications for 2017 will open in April, with a deadline of 2 May 2017. The second call for applications will open in September, with a deadline of  2 October 2017. 


Who can I contact for further information?

For funding rules and guidelines, as well as application forms, contact Debbie Marais, Head: Undergraduate Research, Research Development & Support Division, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. Email: debbiem@sun.ac.za. Tel: 021 938 9181.

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