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Undergraduate Publication Incentive Award


What is it?

A financial award made to primary supervisors who are listed as co-authors on publications in accredited, peer-reviewed journals with co-author undergraduate students, whose research they have supervised as part of the students' registered degrees in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS).


What is the amount awarded?

Awards of R10,000 per qualifying publication will be made to primary supervisors who are co-authors on undergraduate publications. This award is to be directed toward undergraduate research within the relevant division or department.   


Who is eligible?

FMHS personnel who are both a co-author on a DHET-accredited, peer reviewed publication AND primary supervisor of an undergraduate student, the latter being listed as a co-author of the accredited published paper which resulted from an undergraduate research project.   


How do I apply?

  • Complete the latest version of the application form (UPI-08-2015).
  • Attach the required supporting documents (ethics approval letter, proof of acceptance of paper, published version of paper).
  • Submit one hard copy and one electronic copy to Debbie Marais (debbiem@sun.ac.za) at the Undergraduate Research Office in the Research Development & Support Division, Tygerberg.

How are awards made?

Only typed, complete applications, using the most recent application form, will be considered. Awards will be made:

  • according to the fund rules and guidelines,
  • based on available budget.


What is the application deadline?

The first call for applications for opens in April each year, with a deadline of 1 May. The second call for applications opens in September, with a deadline of 1 October.  


Who can I contact for further information?

For funding rules and guidelines, as well as application forms, contact Debbie Marais, Head: Undergraduate Research, Research Development & Support Division, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. Email: debbiem@sun.ac.za. Tel: 021 938 9181.

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