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Blanche_Pretorius.jpg Ms Charmaine Khumalo

 Head: Health Research Ethics
 Tel: 021 938 9075
 E-mail: ckhumalo@sun.ac.za

   Mr Mthandazo Disire Ntsham
   Administrative Officer: Health Research Ethics
   Tel: 021 938 9819
   E-mail: mntsham@sun.ac.za

 Mrs Melody Shana

 Coordinator: Health Research Ethics Committee 1 (HREC 1)
 Tel: 021 938 9657
 E-mail: melodys@sun.ac.za

Brightness Nxumalo.jpg   Mrs Brightness Nxumalo
   Coordinator: Health Research Ethics Committee 2 (HREC 2)
  Tel: 021 938 9207 
   E-mail: brightness@sun.ac.za

Elvira Rohland.jpg  Ms Elvira Rohland
  Principal Administrator: Health Research Ethics
  Tel: 021 938 9677
  E-mail: elr@sun.ac.za

​  Mr Ashwin Manuel 
  Administrator: Health Research Ethics
  Tel: 021 938 9140
  E-mail: ashwin@sun.ac.za


23321156  Lucks ethics.jpg
  Ms Lucinda Lü​cks
​  Administrator: Health Research Ethics

  Tel: 021 938 9092
  E-mail: ​llucks@sun.ac.za


Nela RDS website (003).jpg
  Experiencing any technical difficulties with the Ethics RM        (Infonetica  online) system contact:
  Ms Jennifer de Beer
  Functional Systems Custodian
  E-mail: jad@sun.ac.za 

 ​​​​                 Ms Siti ​Kabanda​
                  Part-Time Coordinator: Health Research Ethics
               Tel: 021 938 9989
                E-mail: ​​​siti@​sun.ac.za ​ 

Folder: Conference Presentation Fund
7/28/2015 20:37Nel, Hermien <hermienf@sun.ac.za>
Folder: Incentive Award
5/5/2015 10:25Nel, Hermien <hermienf@sun.ac.za>
Folder: Publication Incentive Fund
7/28/2015 20:50Nel, Hermien <hermienf@sun.ac.za>
20190129 HREC Guidance - Student projects linked to a larger study.pdf
3/26/2019 8:17Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
20190827 HREC Fee Structure 2020 V3.3.pdf
12/12/2019 12:37Hendricks, Lauren, Mrs [laurenv@sun.ac.za]
3. What are HREC reviewers looking for.mp4
6/26/2019 8:23Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
AAD 2018 undergraduate presentations.pdf
8/21/2018 10:30Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
AAD undergraduate abstracts 2021.pdf
11/9/2021 10:29Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
AAD undergraduate abstracts 2022 full.pdf
9/11/2022 9:09Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
AAD undergraduate programme 2018.pdf
8/23/2018 8:16Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Academic writing conventions.mp4
8/20/2020 14:08Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Advice final final.mp4
4/19/2018 15:37Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
2/23/2017 10:41Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
after submission.mp4
2/28/2019 9:32Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Ananja MBChB.mp4
11/21/2019 13:20Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Applying for Ethics Quick Guide 2017.pdf
7/19/2017 13:08Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Applying for Ethics Quick Guide.pdf
10/29/2015 11:33Marais, D, Me <debbiem@sun.ac.za>
Authors response to editors or reviewers.pdf
6/7/2018 12:32Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Balie MBChB.mp4
11/18/2019 14:08Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Biostats Clinic Info.png
7/2/2018 8:10Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Budget template.pdf
6/7/2018 11:03Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Circular H97-2018 (002).pdf
9/5/2018 13:03Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Confidentiality agreement translators and transcribers.doc
11/22/2018 8:32Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
2/5/2020 14:14Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Drawing up a research budget.mp4
11/11/2019 12:34Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Ethical considerations case reports - case series.mp4
10/27/2021 9:07Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Ethics of systematic and scoping reviews.mp4
10/27/2021 9:09Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
fixed advice video.mp4
5/7/2018 14:07Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
FMHS Toolkit for Student Researchers.pdf
9/7/2016 11:38Marais, Debbie, Dr [debbiem@sun.ac.za]
Format of an FMHS doctoral dissertation.pdf
3/16/2022 10:18Groenewald, HL, Dr [lgr@sun.ac.za]
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