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About Vesta

Vesta is a Private Student Organisation established in 2008. We are a community that enables, develops and cultivates our members in conjunction with the environment we are in. Where one grows the other will follow suit.
We achieve this by offering many arenas of developing the member – Be it involvement from PSO and Campus sport, culture or academics or even to becoming a leader, team player and a selfless citizen
The Phoenix is our emblem. It is a symbol which represents our continuous growth, passion and will as a community. A phoenix can never die and will always rise again; no matter how tough the times may seem. Vesta is a place where everyone from all backgrounds will feel welcome and right at home – “From the Ashes we Rise, in the Flames we Grow”.

Vesta's vision and mission

Vesta PSO is a student community within Stellenbosch University. We as the House Committee will equip you, alongside with the broader House- and Campus environment, with all the necessary skills, opportunities, networks and more to ensure you continue your development as a student, a leader and a selfless citizen.

We promote an enabling environment wherein our members can network with Vesta and other campus communities, partake in a host of programmes tailored to your personal interests but more to offer you a home away from home. Vesta PSO is a family first where we respect, value and uplift one another. We want to ensure that you, as a Vestonian, are adequately equipped with the necessary tools to thrive within – and beyond – the University context.

Vesta's values

A selflessness governed by the principle of putting any other human’s needs above  one’s own.
A reciprocal relationship between members where the House offers belonging and the members in turn offer their voluntary willingness to actively uplift and contribute to the House.
A due regard for any other’s humanity, the environment or social context, sealed with a bond to not violate it under any circumstance great or small.

The history of Vesta

Vesta was established as a PSO in 2008. In its own right it has grown to become a PSO with campus-wide standing and participation. Being a PSO goes with both its challenges and excitements – we are here to build it up, develop you as a student and as a leader. We are here to make history with you and to enable the environment around us.

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball  and Table tennis
  • Culture –Molassesêr (informal acapella performance), Toneelfees (dramatic arts competition), SU Acapella, Culture evenings
  • Leadership development
  • Critical engagements  
  • Dances
  • Socials

Mentorship offered by Vesta

Vesta has handpicked a group of Vestonians that will act as mentors in the coming year. These mentors will help the incoming group of students to bridge the gap between high school and university life. This is not the only function of a mentor; all of them are trained to ensure the newcomers arriving in Stellenbosch are given the opportunity to grow in all aspects of life. Some mentors can also assist academically. Although all newcomers will be allocated a mentor on their first day of Orientation week, there is also a House Committee. The House Committee better known on campus as the HK will play a major role in your growth on campus these are usually seniors that have been on campus a few years now. So when you doubt anything they would also be there to act as a mentor.

Vesta's Primarius

Almandro Jansen
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