About Osler

A PSO is a private student organisation. A “private student” is a student who does not live in a university residence, but rather in their own accommodation.
Osler is the only PSO on Tygerberg campus and our student population is comprised of a diverse group of future health professionals. To promote interaction with students outside of the Health Sciences faculty, Osler is also part of the AmaMaties cluster, where we form a larger overall group with Erica, Nemesia, Equité, Serruria, Capri and Huis Neethling.

Osler's vision and mission

Osler’s serves as a community away from one’s native community. We create a community where our members feel seen, represented, empowered and driven to grow as individuals. We believe in developing future leaders and laying the groundwork to create the world we wish to see.

Osler's values

Inclusivity, Cognisance, Respect, Empathy

The history of Osler

Osler is the only PSO on Tygerberg campus, and it was established in 2010.

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Squash, Athletics
  • Culture – Debating, SUAcapella, Culture evenings
  • Leadership development
  • Critical Engagement Discussions  
  • Dances
  • Socials

Mentorship offered by Osler

Osler has a group of 24 vibrant and diverse Mentors that will support and guide the newcomers through their journey of transition into a new learning space. The Osler Mentor Program aims to ensure that all the Osler newcomers have a mentor and friend that they can turn to, to support and assist them with whatever they need especially during welcoming week.

We are very proud of the growth and development that the Osler Mentor Program has made over the past few years and the Mentors are seen as an extension of the Osler House Committee which has proven to be a significant asset to Osler as a whole. Osler strives to create a community amongst students and the Mentors enhance this vision immensely.

Osler's Primarius

Raheez Morta

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Social Media

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