About Osler

Osler is a commuter student community (CSC) that is composed of all Tygerberg campus students who do not live in one of the residences on campus i.e. who live privately or at home. The student community is composed of over 3000 students studying in various health sciences degree programs offered at Stellenbosch University. We aspire to be a community that is driven by its values and prides itself in embodying the vision we have for Osler. 

Osler's vision and mission

Osler serves as a community away from one’s native community. We create a community where our members feel seen, represented and empowered and driven to grow as individual. We believe in developing future leaders and laying the groundwork to create the worl we wish to see. 

Osler's values

Osler's values are encompassed in the following acronym:

I – Inclusivity

  C – Cognisance

A – Altruism

R – Respect

E – Empathy


These values assist in shaping us as a community and contribute to one's development as a well-rounded healthcare professional. 

The history of Osler

Osler was established in 2010 and is the only CSC on Tygerberg campus. Our community consists of MBChB, Allied health and Postgraduate health sciences students. Osler also forms part of a larger community called the TygerMaties Cluster, along with the six residences on Tygerberg campus. All students in TygerMaties are part of the Faculty of Medicine of Health Sciences.

Mentorship offered by Osler

Osler's Mentorship Program is a unique initiative designed to provide support, guidance, and a sense of community to our newcomers.

The Mentorship Program pairs each newcomer with a dedicated Mentor who has successfully navigated the challenges of their early university years. The 2024 Mentor team consists of 24 enthusiastic individuals, committed to helping you make the most out of your university and social experiences.

Together with your mentor group, you will engage in group sessions, one-on-one sessions with your mentor, and sessions with other mentor groups in Osler. You will also get the opportunity to interact with students in the Tygerberg residences. Our entire purpose is to help you establish strong relationships with other newcomers who will accompany you on your journey throughout university. Whatever your personality type— extroverted or introverted— it will guarantee that you are successfully welcomed and integrated into the Tygerberg Campus community.

Activities and offerings

CultureThe Stellenbosch University Acapella Competition (SUAC) is an acapella singing competition hosted by the Culture Committee (KuKo), where groups battle it out to be crowned champions. “Helseros", our Osler SU acapella team of 2022, were deemed the Champions of the mixed SU acapella groups. We also host Culture evenings with other residences on Tygerberg campus where students showcase their talents.

Critical engagement – Osler also facilitates critical engagement sessions in which various topics of importance are discussed in “safe spaces” (non-judgment, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn, share, and engage) with a facilitator present to help guide the process. These sessions aim to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and consider important topics as they are identified throughout the year. 

Leadership – The leadership of Osler consists of the House committee, Mentors, Men tuts, the Junior committee and various other sub committees from individual portfolios.


Sports – All Osler's students have the opportunity to take part in various sport activities, such as netball, rugby, hockey, tennis, soccer, squash, athletics, basketball


Social – Dances, hikes, night markets, movie nights etc.


Tygermaties cluster – Osler PSO forms part of the Tygermaties cluster on Tygerberg campus. Every year the cluster hosts various events to which all Tygerberg students are welcome to attend and participate in.


WelcomingEach year Osler welcomes its newcomers by organizing a wide range of activities, including campus tours, information sessions, workshops, social gatherings, and introductions to academic programs. These activities help students become familiar with the campus layout, the faculty, staff, and their fellow students. Moreover, these activities serve as a platform for students to establish meaningful relationships, both socially and academically. ​ 

Osler's Primaria

Shenique Francke

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