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Student Governance aims to promote ethical governance principles to the student community of Stellenbosch University, considering the context and the developments happening in the broader South Africa, Africa, and the globe in relation to governance challenges in the 21st century. Through leadership development training, some tools are shared and taught to our student leaders to capacitate them in order to address and formulate solutions to some of the complexities and challenges student leaders are confronted with today. The Stellenbosch University Graduate Attributes are used as instruments to align our leadership development offerings in facilitating the learning to transfer certain competencies.​
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Student Governance shares the SU Vision 2040 in the following:                      

Excellence- to provide excellent leadership and development services to the student community through governance programmes provided by SU.

Compassion- to thrive towards an integrated student community based on ethical leadership, showing empathy towards others, being consistent and caring.

Respect- to respect others' opinions and differences (professional conduct) and embracing diversity.

Equity- to strive to undo injustices of the past by providing opportunities to students and treating them fairly as the work we do should form part of social justice in order to transform South Africa.

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  • Promoting ethical leadership principles
  • Promoting Accountability, Transparency, Responsibility
  • Enhancing leadership development on campus
  • Social Justice and equity

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Our mission is to create an environment seeking to develop a new generation of positional student leaders. We ascribe and subscribe to the values of Constitutionalism. Our aim is to fully provide support, guidance, coaching, and facilitation to all our student leaders. It is against this background that our aim is to promote a foundation of sustainability and responsible leadership amongst student leaders within Stellenbosch University.

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The following organs are what forms Student Governance. These elected bodies serve as the government of the student body which also have other constituencies assisting the functioning of, for example, ex-officio portfolios. The Student Constitution, chapter 9 and 10, notes the councils as the ex-officio portfolios in the SRC, however they serve as the main elected bodies on their campuses hence they form under the governance structure of the student community.