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The primary role of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is the professional learning of academics at Stellenbosch University (SU​), with regard to their teaching role.

CTL acknowledges all SU academics:
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 ​​​​​​ ERT: ​​Teaching, Learning and Assessment support for academics d​uring COVID-19

​The onset of COVID-19 has necessitated us to replace our face-to-face interaction with students with preparing and instituting “Emergency Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment” (ERT). ​

​​​The purpose of ERT is “not to re-create a robust educational ecosystem but rath​er to provide temporary access to instruction and instructional supports in a manner that is quick to set up and is reliably available during an emergency or crisis” (Hodges, Moore, Lockee, Trust & Bond, 2020). ERT requires the re-thinking and adaptation of our face-to-face (F2F) T&L&A for delivery via the SUNLearn platform. However, the principles of good T&L&A in a F2F environment also apply to the online space - it is only the mode of delivery that is different.

The point of departure for this process of adaptation is to rethink the outcomes, assessment and learning opportunities of your module for the online environment. It is important to design for the active involvement of students and to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Keep it simple, especially if you are new to the online T&L&A environment.

During Semester 1, a range of resources were collated to guide lecturers and students through the adaptation to ERT. A SUNLearn module on “Lecturer Support for Online Teaching” was developed to assist you step-by-step with the move from face-to-face to remote online teaching. You can listen to the recordings of previously presented webinars on T&L&A during ERT availa​ble on the SUNLearn Lecturer Support for Online Teaching site.

In an attempt to support SU lecturers with their teaching function, the Designing Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DeLTA) process was conceptualised and a resource compiled.  The title of the process is the acronym (DeLTA) but Delta is also the mathematical symbol for change and is represented by ∆. The purpose of the process can thus be summarised as a guide towards achieving change in T&L@SU.  The DeLTA process, adapted for the ERT environment, is available here.

​​During the webinars on online assessment examples of innovative assessment approaches and methods were showcased during the presentations. These examples are available in the Lecturer Support for Teaching Online SUNLearn module.  You are welcome to contact the lecturer mentioned in each case study if you would like to discuss their example in more detail. Click here to access the examples.

You can make contact with the CTL advisor in your faculty ​for any T&L&A support needed.  You can also contact us on 021 808 3717 or at sol@sun.ac.za - we​ will either answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person or resource.​​

Take care and be safe!​​​

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SU Teaching Fellow 2020​​​​

Dr Margaret Blackie, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science, has been appointed as SU Teaching Fellow from 2020. 

Dr Blackie is a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science. She has been at SU since January 2010. She holds a PhD in synthetic chemistry from the University of Cape Town.

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SU Teaching Excellence Awards 2020

Applications are currently awaited for the Stellenbosch University Teaching Excellence Awards 2020.

The awards acknowledge teaching of outstanding merit at Stellenbosch University. All teaching staff – permanent as well as contract appointments – are eligible for these awards.

The awards are offered in two categories, namely Developing Teacher and Distinguished Teacher.

For more information, click here. For enquiries, please contact Dr Karin Cat​tell-Holden at kcattell@sun.ac.za.​​​​​​​​​​