Learning & Teaching Enhancement
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Division for Learning and Teaching Enhancement

Dr Antoinette van der Merwe
Senior Director

Are you interested in enriching the learning environment of your students and to see what other academics are doing in this regard? Do you want to share your own good practice examples with other academics? Do you want to learn more about the professional learning of academics? Have you heard about all the new types of learning technologies but are not sure about how one could use them to increase the reach and richness of learning experiences? Or maybe you would want to learn more about support for students and staff in a multilingual environment?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, look no further.

This division works in collaboration with faculties to produce and share context specific research based responses to these types of questions. Colleagues from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Language Centre and the Centre for Learning Technologies are already working in close collaboration with faculties and we would therefore love to continue these conversations about:

  • The enhancement of the learning and teaching experience for students and academics
  • Professional learning of academics
  • The development, establishment and sharing of innovative learning and teaching practice
  • The promotion of individual as well as institutional multilingualism
  • Academic literacy and language learning in a variety of approaches
  • Language services such as translation, editing and interpreting
  • The utilization of learning technologies to enhance the reach and richness of learning activities for both residential as well as off-campus students

Please visit our online resources and let us know if you have any specific resources to add.

Do not hesitate to contact me (advdm@sun.ac.za / 021-8083075) or any of the Centres directly.

Click here to watch the video clips, recorded on Language Day (2018).

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