Student Affairs
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs​​

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) was established to lend support in a systemic-holistic manner mainly, but not exclusively, to students; to encourage related divisions and entities to function in a more integrated way and to optimise coherent cooperation with all stakeholders at Stellenbosch University (SU), especially the students and faculties. 

​​​The DSA, managed by the Senior Director Dr Birgit Schreiber, comprises of three centres ​with the aim of handeling and solving any enquiry, problem or issue as quickly as possible​. These centres are: The Centre for Student Comm​​​​​​unities (CSC), directed by Mr Pieter Kloppers, The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD), directed by Dr Munita Dunn-Coetzee, and The Centre for Student Leadership and Structures (CSLS), directed by Ms Tonia Overmeyer. 

Follow the links below for more detail on each centre. 

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Centre for Student

The Centre for Student Structures and Communities aim to give students a holistic living and learning experience within their residences and clusters. The social dimension of community life in residence and the cluster is harnessed to support the University’s academic mission.

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Centre for Student Counselling and Development

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development is a dynamic, student-centered psychological development and support service available to registered students.  Carefully selected specialists such as psychologists, a psychiatrist, a social worker and a reading specialist are involved to meet the needs of the university community.   

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Centre for Student Leadership and Structures

This Centre comprises the Frederik van Zyl Slabbert Student Leadership Institute, formal student governance structures and primarily the Student Representative Council, as well as the coordination of the Co-Curriculum and the related second transcript and First Year Academy.

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student fees 2017.jpgWe hosted the NASPA & IASAS Gloabal Summit on Student Affairs & Services. Have a look below:

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