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Special Learning Needs (Disabilities)

​Disability Unit (DU)


The Disability Unit (DU) is the starting point for coordinated support for students with disabilities. We provide support services specific to your needs. Therefore, it is important that you inform us about your individual circumstances and your needs. All requests for assistance must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Feel free to make an appointment and come in for a chat. Phone 021 808 4707 or e-mail for enquiries.



Within a framework of equity and affordability, Stellenbosch University (SU) aims to serve the broadest possible spectrum of our diverse South African society, amongst others by:

  • accepting students with special needs as fully-fledged and integrated members of the student body;
  • creating a holistic awareness of these students; and
  • designating the Disability Unit (DU) in the Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) to coordinate support services for SU students with disabilities.



To create an enabling environment that holistically empowers students with special learning needs to achieve their full potential.



We aim to implement our vision:

  • by creating awareness of diverse learning needs and disabilities among all staff and students on campus;
  • by providing appropriate assistive technology and expanding its use amongst students;
  • by facilitating physical access to all environments on campus;
  • by changing mindsets through proactive advocacy;
  • through ongoing research and development of our services;
  • by offering organisational support to Dis-Maties (a support body for students with disabilities run by students with disabilities);
  • by enabling the effective integration of students with special learning needs through holistic support (with regards to academic, social and psychological issues as well as adaptations of the environment);
  • by facilitating adapted assessments and curricula to enable optimal learning; and
  • by rendering consultative support to staff in order for them to provide effective learning environments for students with special learning needs.


Phone 021-808 4707 or e-mail for enquiries. Click here for more information as a ​​pdf or a word



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