​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​D​isability Unit

The Disability Unit offers a range of services to students with disabilities, from advice on appropriate academic support solutions, access to tailored study materials to access to financial support. The Unit’s activities are informed by the Disability Access Policy of the Stellenbosch University (SU). The Unit also aims to create an enabling environment that empowers students with disabilities to achieve their full potential through creating awareness and enabling effective integration into campus life and the student community.               

Visit the Disability Unit's Facebook page at @sudisabilityunit for updates and information. ​





Head: Disability UnitMarciaLyner-Cleophascleophas@sun.ac.za021 808 4707
Resource OfficerPippaLouwphlouw@sun.ac.za021 808 2531
Resource OfficerMeaganMinnaarmeagans@sun.ac.za021 808 2127
Coordinator: Disability SupportMelanieWillemsmwillems@sun.ac.za021 808 4707
Resource OfficerIlseErasmus ilsevw@sun.ac.za021 808 3518
Inclusivity and Access Support OfficerLizelleApollisferus1@sun.ac.za 021 808 9396
Universal Access PractitionerClaudiaSaundersonclaudias@sun.ac.za021 808 4707
3/8 Administrative OfficerIlsePool-Le Rouxilseleroux33@sun.ac.za021 808 4994
Coordinator: Marketing and TrainingLuigiaNicholasluigian@sun.ac.za] 021 808 4707