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The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD), situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, consists of five units with each specializing in an aspect of student service delivery. As an introduction, each unit will be described briefly.                                                                                             

The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services (UPSS) is responsible for individual psychotherapy, a 24-hour Crisis Service, support groups, social work services and developmental workshops.

The Unit for Academic Counselling and Development (UACD) assists you with individual consultations, workshops and self-help material as part of academic counselling, and can assist with decisions about your degree, improve study methods and really help you to reach your potential.

The Unit for Graduand Career Services (UGCS) focuses on preparing students for the world of work – empowering students with information regarding which companies operate in certain sectors of the economy, what options a degree offers you and how to approach an interview. The unit also organises the annual General, Accounting and Engineering Career Fairs at the University, manages the careers portal Maties Careers and supports students with e-Resources.

The Disability Unit (DU) facilitates services for students with special learning needs, for example text conversion of reading material, assistive technology for hearing-impaired and visually impaired students, reading support, academic concessions like extra writing time and computer use during tests and exams.

Furthermore, the CSCD plays an important role in many other areas of Stellenbosch University and the community by providing training and consultation services. As we believe in the empowerment of individuals, the CSCD also offers training and supervision to intern psychologists.

The Equality Unit (EU) promotes collective action towards social justice and discourse regarding social asymmetries at SU, as well as implementing a comprehensive HIV response. The unit coordinates; educates and raises awareness around sexualities, gender, HIV/Aids and anti-discrimination and oversees the implementation of SU's policies on Unfair Discrimination and Harassment and HIV/Aids.  It also serves as a centralised service for students and staff who wish to report accounts of unfair discrimination and various forms of harassment.  


Our motto is "Partners for Success!". You will soon come to realise that our variety of services can be very valuable to you; therefore, we shall become your partner for success!

For all queries related to career assessments for prospective students please contact the Centre for Student Recruitment.


We strive for our Centre to be approachable, inclusive and client-centred, with our values based on shared humanity; we aim to promote citizenship by facilitating wellness, personal agency and sustainable equity.


To provide the University community with psychological, developmental and support services, with the focus on critical engagement, advocacy, personal growth and graduateness.

Empathy / Shared accountability / Innovation / Excellence / Leadership in the service of others

Annual Reports

Global Summit

A Global Summit on Student Affairs was held at STIAS at the end of October 2016.  Delegates from 19 countries came together to discuss global matters on student success and student affairs. Below is a short video clip illustrating some of it.