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Exams & Study Material


Special exams

Special arrangements, such as the allocation of extra writing time or the provision of documents in large fonts, may be made for tests and exams. Applications in this regard close on 18 February, 11 March, 8 April, 6 May, 19 August and 7 October. Apply via under Tests/Examinations. Send your application to or hand it in at the Examinations Office. For a better understanding of procedures for concessions for students with special needs (disabilities), read the procedure as a pdf or as a word ​document. 


Converting study material into Braille

At the Disability Unit: Resource Office, located in HUMARGA (one of the University's computer user areas based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences building) class notes, prescribed books, articles, transparencies, as well as test and exam papers are converted into accessible formats like Braille. This service is funded partially by the Lombardi Trus. E-mail for more information.


Special computers

Computers with screen-reading, magnifying and text-to-speech software (like JAWS for Windows and ZoomText) as well as a magnifier that enlarges text are available at HUMARGA (rooms 356 and 360) for the use of blind or partially sighted students. Braille printers are also available. These computers are connected to the network of the University and provide access to e-mail and the internet. For enquiries about software or to purchase a laptop, please contact Petro Newman at 021 808 2128.

Library use

Students who need assistance and/or training to track down library and information sources may contact their faculty librarian ( via e-mail or visit them personally at the library. Both the JS Gericke Library and the Music Library (in the Conservatorium building) have a computer with JAWS for Windows and ZoomText which blind and partially sighted students may use to browse the library website (