The Disability Unit offers students and staff various training opportunities. These include learning sign language, participating in an accredited Lead with Disability course, and facilitating staff training through the Siyakhula training sessions.

Learn sign language

Sign Language sessions have moved online. Previously, six Sign Language introductory sessions were held each year at the Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campus. This year we will be sharing eight Sign Language introductory videos. Two videos will be disseminated weekly between 21 September – 16 October 2020 via email for interested students and staff members on Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campus. We envisage hosting Sign Language sessions on both campuses in 2021 and all videos shared in 2020 are compulsory for viewing for enrolment in the 2021 intermediate classes.

If you are interested in receiving these videos, contact the Disability Unit at disability@sun.ac.za for more information. 

Lead with Disability

Lead with Disability is an accredited course for students. The course covers universal access, universal design and reasonable accommodation from a disability perspective. Sessions take place over lunchtime during the first and second semester at the Stellenbosch Campus. For more information, e-mail disability@sun.ac.za. Sessions are free.

Staff traini​ng

The University’s Division of Human Resources hosts Siyakhula training sessions. The Disability Unit presents a session that focuses on universal access, universal design, reasonable accommodation and discussions around disability inclusion on campus.